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Soul Trine

Distance 1-1 Coaching

Distance 1-1 Coaching

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Soul Trine Coaching Sessions are 1-1 distance sessions to elevate you in the areas you need the most. A list of our most popular coaching sessions is below. We are open to creating a custom coaching program based on your needs.

Each coaching session comes with some form of energy healing (Reiki, Crystal Therapy, etc.) to help accelerate you toward your goals.

Toward the end of your session, suggested next steps will be recommended to you to help you with your progress.  The suggested next steps are actions for you to do on your own time.

Examples of Suggested Next Steps

  • Meditations
  • Books
  • Rituals
  • Baths
  • Exercises/Movements
  • And more 

If a book or product is recommended, a link will be provided. You can use the link for purchase or use it as a reference to purchase the product at a store of your choice.

Most Popular Coaching Topics

Awakening Experiences

Are you going through an awakening and finding yourself in a constant state of WTF due to your experiences and dreams? Let's get down to the bottom of what is going on in your life. Let's work through this without judgment.

Intuitive Development

Intuitive Development sessions are for people who want to expand their abilities from wherever they are. Each session includes analysis, energy work, and exercises for you to practice until your next session.


Are you burnt out from work, business, family, or society? If so, this session is for you. This is a safe space for you to release your truth without judgment or shame. This session includes a deep dive from a spiritual perspective and includes energy work as well as release exercises.

Ready For Love

This session is for people who are ready to stop love patterns that are not beneficial to their growth and lifestyle. This session helps you identify cycles and get to the source(s) of the issues related to your love life while working toward manifesting the love life you want.

Unconditional Self-Love

Self-Love and the lack of self-love can dramatically impact our lives. This session applies an energetic approach to help you get real about your love for yourself so that you can have healthier connections with the world around you.

Custom Coaching

Let’s work together to create a plan for your specific needs.

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