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Who is Aether Candace at Soul Trine?

  • Ordained Minister

  • Reiki Master

  • Intuitive Performance Coach

  • Psychic

  • Medium

  • Writer

Who is Aether Candace?

Aether Candace is an Intuitive Performance Coach, Writer, and Digital Marketing Entrepreneur. She helps people heal their relationships with themselves, their businesses, and the people around them. 

Aether Candace has been a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur since 2005 and has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 companies to help them achieve their greatest strides in brand awareness and revenue generation.

Having a passion for expanding her intuitive gifts and helping others do the same, Candace established Cloud 9.5, LLC, which is now Soul Trine, LLC, to help people transform and expand the abilities of their body, mind, and spirit. Today, she uses her skills to help her clients in Cloud 9.5/Soul Trine and Inbound Concepts, a Digital Marketing consultancy established in 2012.

Aether Candace is a published author who writes and paints as a form of creative expression and healing. As a nature lover, she is blessed to be able to provide rejuvenating retreats for learning and expansion. She is loved by her family, friends, and pets.


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