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A Past Life Experience Turned Into Art

A Past Life Regression and Soul Soup [Painting] - Cloud 9.5

While attending a spirituality class at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA), we broke off into partners to discuss our beliefs on the afterlife. My partner was a lovely lady named Janet - a retired, married, grandmother, who was a dedicated member and volunteer at SLCA. As we discussed our views on the afterlife, I realized Janet wasn’t guessing or throwing around ideas she had considered in her lifetime. She spoke with a true knowing. I asked Janet about the source of her conclusions on the afterlife and she told me her story.

A Technique for Healing

Years ago, Janet lost her first husband. She struggled with the grief and found it very difficult to move forward with her life. To help get over the death of her first husband, Janet sought the assistance of a hypnotherapist. As part of her treatment, the hypnotherapist implemented a past-life regression technique.

What is Past Life Regression?

A past-life regression is a hypnosis technique that is sometimes used to aid in healing trauma, fears and emotions from past lives that may have been carried through the soul’s journey of incarnations and into the current lifetime. People who seek past-life regression therapy or receive recommendations, often experience frequent reoccurring negative life patterns or the inability to heal from a hurtful experience in this lifetime. Those who have participated in past-life regression sessions tend to experience a deeper sense of peace, knowing and awareness within their present lifetime. Reasons for seeking past-life regression therapy are not always related to negative experiences. Many people seek past-life regression for the following reasons:

  • To gain a better understanding of their soul’s journey through lifetimes
  • Seeking spiritual growth through learning from the lessons of past incarnations
  • Understanding the unexplained connections with romantic and platonic people they have recently met or have known for some time
  • For the fun of knowing who and where they were in previous lifetimes

The Soul's Journey to Art

During Janet’s past-life regression session with her hypnotherapist, the therapist used techniques to bring Janet back through her previous lives. The therapist stopped at a point and asked Janet where she was and what she could see. She told the therapist she was in soul soup.

Having an understanding and belief in reincarnation, yet never hearing of soul soup, I had to pause Janet at this point in the story to make sure I understood her meaning. It was at this time that she gave a full description of soul soup. Soul soup is the place or state of a soul’s existence before it enters its next life. The souls are flowing amongst other souls until it is time for their next incarnation. When she explained soul soup, it came alive in my mind. I could see it as clearly as if I were watching a movie. My next questions were based on comparing what I could see and the actual visuals of Janet’s experience. After a brief Q&A, Janet looked at me and said, “You are an artist aren’t you?” Feeling unsure of accepting the title, I shyly said no, but she looked at me and said, "You are."

After class, I couldn’t wait to get home to paint Soul Soup. The images from Janet's description were still fresh in my mind. When situations like this arise, I always wish there were a mental screenshot app, but for now, the best course of action is to express the art right away - sketching the idea or writing a description at the very least.

My medium of choice was oil pastels on pastel paper. The painting was done in time for our final class presentations. I presented Soul Soup as well as other paintings to the class. Janet was out of town for the presentations, but I made sure I brought it to service when she was to return to town. When I presented the painting, the look on her face brought tears to my eyes. She scanned every detail of the painting, looked into me, smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Soul Soup by Candace D. Henry aka Aether Candace Recessed Framed Print | Painting, Oil-pastels, Metaphysical, Soul, Souls, Afterlife, Reincarnation, Orbs, Life, Past-life-regression

Books and Movies on Past Lives 

    Many who have experienced or administered this technique have been compelled to write books on past-life regression. The most popular non-fiction book on past lives is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weis.

    My absolute favorite past-life novel and drama movie is Cloud Atlas.

    If Cloud Atlas is my #1, Astral City is my #2. Astral City is a book based on Brazilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier aka Chico Xaviar's experiences. Astral City: A Spiritual Journey is a movie derived from the book. The link direct you to the English subtitled version for those who do not speak Portuguese. 

    Past Life Readings at Soul Trine

    Madame Creatrix offers a Lifetime Reading here at Soul Trine. It gives insight into what your life was like during a specific lifetime and helps develop a deep understanding of how your struggles and triumphs from your past life are connected to what you are experiencing in this lifetime. 

    My reading with Madame Creatrix was mind blowing and it connected to visions I experienced from previous ceremonies as well as information other readers have given men in the past. I learned so much about the constant cycles I experience so much more. The reading covered one lifetime and I know I have had many more. Based on my astrological chart, I know specific people are connected to me from past lives, so my intention with my next reading with Madame Creatrix is to learn more about the ties from the past that came with me this lifetime.

     Schedule some time with Madame Creatrix to get connect to one of your past lives.

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