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Past Life Reading - Live Session w/ Madame Creatrix

Past Life Reading - Live Session w/ Madame Creatrix

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Past Life Readings are perfect for people who are aware of the fact that they have had previous lifetimes but want more detail on their soul’s experiences through specific lifetimes. This reading may provide more or less insight into your purpose for this lifetime, the purpose of the relationships of this lifetime, spiritual gifts from this lifetime, and who you are at your core soul level. 

Every reading varies, and you may receive information from a lifetime you were unaware of, information from a past life where you weren’t the good guy, not on Earth, and maybe not even human. 

Reasons Why People Get Past Life Readings

This information can help you:

  • Put together a timeline of your soul’s journey
  • Understand your soul
  • Gain better insight into your soul’s purpose in this lifetime
  • Identify patterns

    This reading is a tool for you to use this lifetime. It will provide clarity and guidance for your studies of self and the soul’s journey. 

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