Live Readings vs Recorded Readings

What is the Difference Between a Live Reading and a Recorded Reading?

Recorded Psychic Tarot & Astrology Readings

Recorded readings provide the necessary information requested through a downloadable PDF, video, or audio file + image.

Live Reiki, Psychic Tarot & Astrology Readings

Live Readings are interactive, remote, and experienced through audio or video calls. This is an excellent option for people who like to ask questions and go deeper into their situation.

Our live option includes reading and suggested actions for peace or a favorable outcome. The recommended actions will be discussed during the session.

A live reading is much more than a reading; it is a metaphysical experience. 


Why Do People Come to Soul Trine For Readings?

Our clients come to us for confidentiality, a judgment-free experience, and concerns related to love, money, family, business, and more.  

What Happens When I Get a Soul Trine Reading?

Soul Trine Psychic Tarot readers tap into your energy and the situation at hand to allow high vibrational messages to flow through for your guidance.  

Soul Trine Astrology Readers analyze and interpret your chart and energy based on your requested reading.

All sessions are remote unless they take place at a private event or retreat. You will be provided instructions on how to connect via Google Meet for appointments over 30 minutes. Live Intro Readings take place over Telegram and Whatsapp. Please include your phone number and email address to ensure you receive the call/invitation to meet. Refunds are not available. We allow for two opportunities for you to reschedule an appointment. For questions, email


Schedule a Live Distance Reading or schedule some time at our Indianapolis location.