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Soul Trine

Synastry Astrology Reading

Synastry Astrology Reading

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The compatibility reading explores the dynamic and how you relate to a specific individual, for business, friendships, relationships, and family.


Do you want a PDF or audio astrology reading?

PDF Astrology Readings

You will receive a PDF document that shows images from your astrology request with full explanations of key points as well as guidance.

Audio Astrology Readings

You will receive an audio explanation of your astrology request, images related to your astrology request, and explanations + guidance that go beyond what you would receive in a PDF astrology reading.

Instructions for Audio and Video Tarot Readings

  1. Choose between a PDF or Audio reading
  2. Complete The Form
  3. Choose “Add to Cart” or “Buy It Now”
  4. Keep Shopping or Check Out
  5. Allow 4 days for the delivery of your files

For more urgent readings, check the live reading calendar.

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