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New Year - Live Reading w/Justine The Witch

New Year - Live Reading w/Justine The Witch

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Get a head start to the new year with a Live Reading from Justine The Witch. Gain valuable insights and predictions with her exceptional New Year psychic reading. Book now to ensure a successful year ahead. 

‘Tis the season to prepare for the year ahead. However, which new year are you planning ahead for?

  • Gregorian - The Standard Western New Year
  • Lunar New Year - Referred to as Asian/Chinese New Year
  • Astrological New Year/Spring Equinox/Persian New Year
  • Songkran - Thailand/Buddhist New Year
  • Muharram - Islamic New Year
  • Enkutatash - Ethiopian New Year
  • Diwali - Hindu New Year
  • Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year
  • Celtic New Year

This is a 13-card spread that gives us insight into each of the upcoming months. The 13th card is your card of the year or the theme for the year. This reading is helpful because it gives you a heads-up, however, don’t limit this reading to the beginning of your new year. This reading can also be used to understand months that have passed. This is an extensive session. Please have a journal ready to take notes that you will be able to reflect on over time.

Make this reading your new tradition for years to come.

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