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The Price for Prosperity

The Price for Prosperity Soul Trine

We live in a world that constantly sends us mixed messages regarding money, finances, abundance, and prosperity. We have the "money is the root of all evil" crowd who would have you believe that money creates sin somehow, that having money will lead you to greed or overindulgence, or those who have money "sold their soul" for it, or are inherently bad. 

On the other hand, we have to live in a world where money is necessary for survival. Whether you were born into wealth, never had it, or earned it later in life, money is essential.

So, how do we navigate this contradiction? I know wealthy people who are deeply kind and charitable, who open their homes, make sizable donations, gift generously and show up lovingly. I know poor people who seem to disdain people who aren't poor, who cast judgment on how people with more money and how they choose to spend it, hoard or wallow in what they don't have- and believe they won't ever have. And of course, there's vice versa, the rich who don't give back, and the broke who would give you the shirt off their back.

Unstable Money Foundations

We all have stories about money that we came to adulthood with. I came from a place where I just hoped I deserved the bare minimum. I was raised in an evangelical high-control church group that focused almost entirely on money... Money as salvation. My parents gave and gave and gave, and I thought my parents didn't make a good living. While the reality is they made a decent living, it's just they generously gave to the church each week. This was a sacrifice, one my parents had the right to make. However, as a tween and teenager, these sacrifices were mortifying. I was taught not to care about brand clothing or current styles because it was a sacrifice. Meanwhile, the minister's kids had wardrobes bursting with teen vogue-style clothes, tags still attached. I learned that the difference was that they were minister's kids, so they "deserved" new... brand new clothes, and I didn't because my parents were unpaid leaders in the church. I got their donations, which were generally some of my favorite items.


When I was 19 working as a barista in a coffee shop the owner stopped me one day when I explained to him that I hadn't eaten dinner the night before because "I was poor". He said, "Justine, poor is a mindset, you may be broke, but you are not poor. And if you keep saying you are, you may become poor and that could be permanent." At the time I laughed it off, but I heard him say this to people whenever they used that word, "poor". And I never used it to describe myself ever again, and to this day it's as though someone cursed at me when they use that word... 16 years later.

While I am not all "love and light'y", I do see the value in our mindset because we take action based on our mindset. I can absolutely just have a rough day, however, I am far more likely to have a terrible horrible no good very bad day if I wake up and step in dog vomit and decide that today is a bad day because it started this way. Or I can allow myself time to be annoyed, clean up, and start again, giving myself a chance to have a great day. 

I am not saying we don't have bad days, I am saying we can also get stuck in the mindset which has a snowball effect, and it's far easier to fall into the negative or lack mindset than it is to bring yourself back to recognizing what is working or bringing you joy. 

Over the years of not using the word "poor" to describe myself or my situation, I have learned a few tools that have made a really big difference in the way I deal with finances and my attitude. While some of this is "magickal thinking" I have seen real results. My very skeptical husband can attest to the fact that I often receive what we call "Magick Money", this can be unexpected income, a random gift, an opportunity to make money, a dream job offer, or even finding money. Sometimes it's not money, I will reeeaalllyyy really want something, and somehow it falls into my lap. This has been uncanny. My husband can't make sense if it, he thinks I am lucky. I think the Universe works with those who work with the Universe. 


Months ago I was Called to work with an ancient invocation that has been used for hundreds of years, but I was being guided to make this incantation more palatable for people today. It was weeks of meditation and studying and finding a deep understanding of the original meaning and finding the applicable words. I struggled with one section for an entire week. I was able to bring this sacred spell to a retreat that I co-hosted, and I shared these words each morning guiding our clients to fully embrace each portion. The success rate was astronomical! Almost everyone reached out to me separately to share that their manifestations had come true, or they were given the opportunity to make their manifestations come true! And this was in just a few days of using this Magick. 

Manifestation Workshop

After this experience, and of course having a lot of success myself (and no, I am not a millionaire, and yes, I still budget and make (mostly) responsible choices, my own mind is blown). So I thought it was time to share what works for me... I decided to create an online manifestation workshop where I can share this invocation as well as other mantras and tips I have found to work in my own life.

Manifestation Workshop

While there is so much that goes into creating and working for the life you want, I will give you this little tidbit that could very well change your whole life: The price for prosperity is an act of kindness.

An act of kindness for an act of kindness. It's simple if you want blessings and opportunities and financial freedom, it will come to you easier if you choose to do ONE kind thing each day. Kindness doesn't have to equate to money, either. This is an energy exchange. Money is energy, so is kindness, so is cruelty.

When we consider money energy, we have an opportunity to do "magick math", not to be confused with "girl math" a term I use when I order a sandwich without bread so I can eat my fries guilt-free. Magick math is when you are making choices based on the highest good. This can be as simple as picking up a piece of garbage while you're on a walk and throwing it in the nearest bin.  Maybe you purchase a premade sandwich while you're shopping and gift it to the homeless person on the corner? Maybe you recognize how hard your partner works and make them dinner for a change? Magick math comes in the form of kindness. And you earn points with the fates with each kind thing you do. This is an energy exchange. Consider what these acts of kindness are worth? A $3 sandwich from Trader Joe's may very well keep someone from starving that day... what's that worth on a cosmic level? Picking up a piece of trash shows care and tenderness for our planet, and sets an example that may be repeated by your children or anyone who may witness this small act. Making dinner for your partner may give them a chance to breathe, rest, shower, and more than anything show them that you recognize how hard they work. sometimes the smallest things tip the scales in ways you'd never imagine.

If I can teach anything in my Manifestation workshop, I hope you will see money and our actions as energy. Energy that must keep flowing. Financial freedom is when you no longer worry about surprise vet bills, grocery shopping, and paying bills because you are comfortable with money flowing out, because you know money is always flowing in.

To join the Manifestation Workshop, click this link.


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