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Saturn Retrograde Revelations

Saturn Retrograde Revelations Soul Trine

Every now and then, things will happen to me that are inconvenient and frustrating. Sometimes these things can be avoided, and the solution is very easy to obtain. When the solution seems far out of reach or easy in theory and everything that can be done seems to fall through as well, I get suspicious. 

An Inconvenient Signal to Pause

Back in 2015, I updated my phone, and it never turned back on. I took it to Sprint, and they had no answers. The insurance program was not immediately helpful, and I got the weirdest runarounds about a replacement phone. I was beyond frustrated. I spent a total of three weeks without a phone. I could still do my work, but unless someone had my Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, or email information, they couldn't communicate with me. I worked for myself at Inbound Concepts, and due to all my ways of communication, I was still able to make money, but I still felt stifled.

During this time, a client/friend invited me out to ride bikes and have dinner with her friends. It was an amazing time. We biked on the Atlanta Beltline along Piedmont Park and went to eat at a wonderful restaurant that sat right on the Beltline. These women kept coming up with beauty issues, and I kept giving them natural solutions. Finally, one of the women looked at me and said, "Everybody isn't crafty like you. You make it, and I'll pay for it." Everyone else chimed in with a "me too."

Coincidentally I already had the processing equipment at home, and I grabbed organic materials and made the solutions for their beauty needs. I ordered the packaging and labels, and within less than a week, I had two solid products. Cloud 9.5 was already established, but it functioned as a spiritual company and offered readings, but in my mind connecting with nature is spiritual, and that is what my products were about. So within those three weeks, I created another department within the company, and it felt right. Anyone who knows me intimately knows beauty products, specifically natural beauty products. From the perspective of my personality, it just made sense. In my daily conversations, I constantly told people about the benefits of specific herbs and plants. 

I was amazed at what I could accomplish without the distraction of my phone. Today I don't offer retail beauty products. I will make them wholesale for white-label products and sell them to other companies, but that is not my focus today. 

Another freak phone issue happened recently. My phone was in repair for about two weeks with and issue that was supposed to be fixed in an hour. I'm in an interesting location right now, so the ordinary means of going about things aren't options. I have a tablet and laptop, so it wasn't like I couldn't communicate with people. Two communications channels got knocked out, and close friends just reached out on Instagram or Facebook with screenshots of what they sent on the other channels when I didn't respond in my normal time. 

My phone data has the most powerful internet connection compared to my wifi, and I usually hotspot my computer. Without my phone, I had to use my home Wi-Fi, which meant a slower internet connection, and it was taking so long to do simple tasks. If you know me, you know I was losing my shit!!!

Saturn Symbol | Saturn Retrograde | SoulTrine

Saturn Retrograde

"Saturn retrograde in the sign of Aquarius is urging us to make major karmic choices that will affect our lives for many years to come. During this time, we'll be assessing all commitments and navigating the new direction we wish to take.

It's time for us to think deeply about our future and what energy we want to keep in our lives. This isn't a horrible time to commit—in fact, it's a great time to decide who and what you want to invest your energy and time in." - Astrology.com 

When I get frustrated, I have to deal with myself in the same way that I deal with my clients and ask the real questions. 

  • Is there a silver lining? If so, what is it?
  • You are being forced to slow down. Why?

Most of my close friends are spiritual on some level. When I told a few of them what was going on, they all brought up the same thing: Saturn Retrograde and its restrictions. I listened to that, but I'm not the type to take astrology information and just accept it as my reality. I pay attention to it for guidance and understanding, but I'm not just going to succumb to planetary positions. I still have a life to live. 

So I had to meditate on deeper questions.

  • If Saturn retrograde is restricting, what am I being slowed down or restricted to see?
  • Saturn is work-related, so what do I need to know about my work?

During this time, my phone was blowing up with calls from people who asked for my very visible prices and said things to me like, "It's just tarot" or "Why are your prices like this?" I also had people never call me and go straight thorugh my website and purchase recorded readings.

I gave people explanations about how my sessions weren't just Tarot and how they are for people looking for direction and solutions for their concerns, but I had to be real. Cloud 9.5/Soul Trine provides metaphysical solutions for people with various needs, but over time I've been niching to work with people who have specific needs. Last year I changed my Facebook Group name to Metaphysical Awakenings and Ascensions because those are the types of people I wanted to help - people who are going through various degrees of ascension or awakenings. Even though I had just rebranded, my products weren't reflecting the people I wanted to help.

Over the years, I've noticed a few things about some of the people who I've provided readings for:

  • After a few readings, they start to ask questions about their own gifts
  • Once they are released from an emotionally taxing job or relationship, they start to inquire about intuitive development
  • People are having awakening symptoms with no one to turn to because they are afraid people will think they are crazy or will gossip about them
  • Spirit guides, ghosts, and extra-dimensional beings are communicating with people through words, dreams, and actions, and many people are scared and coping in silence because they feel alone
  • I have what it takes to help these people, and if their needs are beyond my reach, I have the network to support them

What Does This Mean for Soul Trine?

I enjoy tarot readings, but reading tarot cards is not my primary function in this lifetime. It is a skill I am blessed to have and a tool to help others. Most people have no clue that I can do so much more. Helping others means a lot to me, and this is why I will keep Tarot Readings onboard at Soul Trine.


Live Tarot Readings are available for:

My live coaching sessions are for people who want to:

  • Take a spiritual approach to unconditional self-love
  • Make breakthroughs in their lives
  • Advance their intuitive abilities
  • Gain clarity and direction for their awakening experiences
  • Understand paranormal happenings within themselves or their environment
  • Arise from or avoid the ashes of burnout related to work, home, and society
  • Get spiritual clarity and guidance on partnership/relationship matters (business, platonic, familial, and romantic - 2-person session) 
  • People who are seeking an earthly guide to help them make sense of what is happening to them and the world around them

Simple Recorded Readings are for people who have questions like:

  • Will I lose/get the job?
  • Are they coming back?
  • Are they cheating?
  • What does the week/month ahead look like?
  • What do I need to know about the full/new moon?
  • Yes or No Questions

I added readings that qualify for these questions to the Soul Trine Etsy account.

Complex Recorded Readings

I also have very complex recorded readings. Complex readings are meant to be used as a tool. They are based on your current lifetime and/or multiple lifetimes. They are recorded because they are helpful to reflect on repeatedly. 

The Lifetime Cycle Reading is offered as a PDF presentation but can include an audio recording option that walks you through the Lifetime Cycle information.

The Kabalistic Tree of Life Oracle Reading takes you on a journey through the Tree of Life to answer life's deepest questions. I don't offer this reading live because it would take more than an hour to get through every card and include the natural dialogue that occurs during live sessions. I'm always open to special requests that push the boundaries beyond an hour.

New Coaching Sessions

Saturn Retrograde helped me get very clear about how I want to move forward with all of my companies. Still, specifically with Soul Trine, I was able to finally carve out the exact ways I would like to support people as they move through this lifetime.

Awakening Experiences

Are you going through an awakening and finding yourself in a constant state of WTF due to your experiences and dreams? Let's get down to the bottom of what is going on in your life. Let's work through this without judgment.

Intuitive Development

Intuitive Development sessions are for people who want to expand their abilities from wherever they are. Each session includes analysis, healing work, and exercises for you to practice until your next session. 

Light-In - Refreshing From Burnout

Are you burnt out from work, business, family, or society? If so, this session is for you. This is a safe space for you to release your truth without judgment or shame. This session includes a deep dive from a spiritual perspective and includes divination as well as release exercises. 

Living Connections - Partnership Session

Living Connections is a partnership (romantic, platonic, business, familial) session designed to help people understand each other more deeply from a spiritual perspective. This session includes readings as well as connection and release exercises. 

Ready For Love

This session is for people who are ready to stop love patterns that are not beneficial to their growth and lifestyle. This reading helps you identify cycles and get to the source(s) of the issues related to your love life. 

Unconditional Self-Love

Self-Love and the lack of self-love can dramatically impact our lives. This session applies a spiritual approach to help you get real about your love for yourself so that you can have healthier connections with the world around you.

Thank you Saturn Retrograde

The lesson and guidance in the discomfort of Saturn Retrograde were wonderful and valuable. This new direction has given me so much clarity on something I started last year but hadn't quite defined just yet.

Saturn Retrograde is not over for 2022. It started on June 4th and goes direct on October 23rd. Retrogrades love a good shadow don't they?!? The Saturn Retrograde post shadow ends January 23, 2023.

As you look at the dates, can you recall any stagnating situations or deep clarity within this time range?

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