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Reviving The Power of The Pen

Reviving The Power of The Pen | Soul Trine | Pen Ink Blots

Writing and journaling are healing. If you’ve ever had a session with me, we’ve been through this. When clients need to make things happen and opt to do it for themselves, I often encourage writing for manifestation. When my clients need to release feelings that are lingering and bringing them down, I suggest they either write or get on an interstate loop at night and scream out the window to move that energy. I say this so casually, and yet sometimes I forget that everyone isn’t able to write with a pen.

 The Reviving The Power of The Pen | Soul Trine | Typing

Why Can't Some People Write With a Pen?


About a decade ago, schools stopped teaching cursive writing in schools. Feelings about it were all over the place. When this happened, I was concerned about signatures but also the connection of the soul, pen, and paper. If writing isn’t taught beyond the early primary grades because the students are moved directly into keyboards and touch screens, how will they learn to script or pull information out of their subconscious by writing with their less dominant hand?


Some people aren’t able to connect their soul, pen, and paper because of privacy reasons. You’d be amazed at how many people keep their healing and spiritual practices away from their families, friends and even romantic partners.  There are many valid reasons for this, but being able to write freely without looking over your shoulder is a luxury. 

These days people have so many options for typing or speaking their thoughts and feelings while locking them away. So many apps come with password options and PIN locks. There was a time when I had someone living in my home who I did not trust at all.

Even though I usually felt safe writing my thoughts and feelings, my spirit told me to hold up and rethink the pen and paper experience in their presence. I did some research and found an app called Journey. It had cloud options for mobile devices and desktops and had a very secure system. When it was time to write my last book, I reopened Journey and found some deep, brooding, and devastating thoughts that I wrote down, and I am so grateful I didn’t write them in pen so that person could find them. However, I was happy I was able to record my state of mind at that time. Some of those thoughts were placed in my latest book, Trials, and Tribulations of a Healing Heart.


If you are like me, you can type your rapid thoughts out faster than you can write them legibly with a pen and paper. However, I can't write legibly and type with my thumbs on my phone at about the same speed, so I usually opt for a voice note. When I write my articles, I type on my keyboard because my hands can match my brain speed at this point. 

What are our preferred methods of releasing your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

The Reviving The Power of The Pen | Soul Trine | Writing

The Magical Power of the Pen

Writing is a powerful tool that can heal you and change your life with the right practices. Let’s explore.

Unlocking the Subconscious

Writing with your least dominant hand gives your subconscious a voice. This is a form of self-divination. I have used this practice for shadow work and deep healing work by giving a voice to my shadow and the younger versions of myself. I highly recommend this if you have the mental and emotional capacity for deep healing work. If you don’t have the capacity for it and aren’t actively working with a spiritual guide, healer, or therapist, I would wait until you have that type of person in place to do this work. 


Scripting is a manifestation practice that helps you get what you want. It is performed with a pen and paper, but a computer or mobile device will do. If you are the type of person who can’t get into visualizations or guided meditations, you will love scripting. It requires you to claim your desires in the present tense and to get into the emotions and energy of your desires as if you have already achieved and received them. There are more steps to scripting, but you get the drift. It is a powerful tool to help give more life and direction to your beneficial thought forms. 

Safely picking up a pen and paper to assist in making your dreams come true is a beautiful experience. You will also hear this practice referred to as a hyper-sigil.

Spells & Rituals

Many of the spells and rituals I use do not require the use of a pen, but I prefer to write for my process. I write the instructions and steps as well as the request. If I am working with a particular spirit, I write down what I know the spirit is capable of or the reason why I am working with the spirit. Afterward, I write down what I desire from the spirit and how I wish to express gratitude. These steps are not necessary, but this is a process I adopted because writing things down with pen and paper builds a deeper connection between the spell, my thought form, and my soul. If I speak something, it goes out and is a part of me, but it leaves me and goes out into the world with my name attached. When I write something down, the words bond to me. This bonding can be achieved without paper and pen, but this is my process and you should be defining your process and redefining it as time move forward.

In school, I got really great grades and barely studied. Why? I wrote down what the teacher was saying when they spoke. In some ways, it is important for us to go back to our basics and think about the best way we processed information. If for some reason, notes weren’t allowed, there was a certain way I mentally processed the teacher’s words or what I had to read. What did you do to help you process and retain information then and what do you do now?

Magic can seem very dramatic, but in reality, it is mostly about knowing yourself, listening to yourself, and taking notes on your activities and results like when you were in science class. What is right for you may not be right for the next, but how will you know if you never try? How will you accurately remember what and how something worked if you don’t take notes in some format?

Security in Magic

Is it safe to write everything down all the time? No. Only you will know what is safe and what is risky by paying attention to your intuition, urges, emotions, and surroundings. Use discernment and keep backup options to express yourself, release your subconscious, and take notes. 

If you are writing things down for magic and healing, consecrate your notebook, pen, and the area where you store them. Cleanse them with the smoke of intention based herbs and declare their sacred purpose in your life. Wrap them in a cloth that represents you and/or your purpose, or don’t. Place the tools where you feel most comfortable and if you know you tend to get scatterbrained, set an alarm for your special writing time.

How Can You Revive The Power Of The Pen? 

Grab a notebook that resonates with you. You don’t have to get all extra and start with a papyrus-sheeted notebook. A craft paper notebook is just fine if you want to have something unique. I use different notebooks for different occasions. The most unique notebook I have at this time is a black paper notebook for expressing my most trying and intense thoughts that I don’t want to ever see again. For standard writing, I enjoy a nice composition notebook with the smooth feel of an RSVP pen. Pick what you want, but get started.

If you are interested in unlocking your subconscious, scripting, or spells and rituals related to writing, message me to help point you in the right direction for books or for one-to-one coaching. 

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