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Resolutions at The Wrong Time?

Resolutions at The Wrong Time? Soul Trine

I keep seeing people bring up the timing of the new year vs. creating resolutions, and I feel the point people are trying to make. Manifesting in the dead of winter for people in cold countries seems like a wild idea when you think about how the worst of winter weather is yet to come. If you live in a colder area of the northern hemisphere, you know January and February can be brutal with freezing temperatures, extremely cloudy, or for the warmer regions, rainy. The warmer areas will experience heavy rain, but plants will still grow as the sun peaks out, and trees will still bear fruit. So does it make more sense to manifest resolutions around the Spring Equinox or when we start to see the buds on the tree turn green? Keep in mind, I’m from the Midwest of the United States, and I’ve experienced the joy of seeing the green buds on the trees sprout out and get shut down by winter’s unwanted reminders that it was not the time for spring yet. 

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When thinking about resolutions and manifesting based on a time of year, the power of the spring equinox might be better than a week and a half after the winter solstice.

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What to Do During the Traditional Western New Year

If you are like most people, 2022 gave you many lessons. Some of them were given to us in such an obvious way that it felt like we were being handed the baton in a relay race. If that happened to you, did you run with the lesson and execute the necessary changes in your life? Did you “trip” because one foot was stuck on what “should be” and the other was ready to accept the reality of now? Or did you get stuck because neither foot wanted to move forward because processing all the lessons was too much to bear while attempting to move forward at the same time? If you are anything like most people, you likely experienced all three scenarios for different situations.

No matter what stages 2022 left you in during your relay race of lessons, there were no winners or losers. This was a time of comprehension and execution. Many people won’t act on something they don’t understand, while some follow their intuition whether they know what is happening in the now or not, while others are somewhere in-between. To keep it real, many people are still in the state of comprehension for 2022 and have yet to understand the lessons placed in their hands because they are bigger than they are used to; it may be challenging to get past the trauma associated with the lesson handed to you. 

January and February should be used to understand and accept the lessons presented to us in 2022. All lessons experienced weren’t wrapped in trauma, and some were wrapped in joy and followed up with immediate gratitude. You may not have experienced other lessons but watched them unfold in front of you and absorbed them as a lesson anyway.

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Preparing Resolutions For Spring Equinox

Once we understand what happened and the lessons involved, creating resolutions and manifestation goals in time for spring will be easy. As I wrote this, I realized what I am writing comes across as a lovely theory, but people need tools more than they need another idea.

I paused writing this article to make sure to create the Happenings, Lessons, Resolutions, & Manifestations Journal to make it easier for people to process:

  • What Happened
  • Lessons Learned
  • Resolutions
  • Manifestation Goals

Download the journal to start your resolution work and to be prepared for the spring equinox. This journal is available exclusively on Soultrine.com and Etsy



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