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6 Tips to Redecorating Your Space for Manifestation and Healing

6 Tips to Redecorating Your Space for Manifestation and Healing Soul Trine

Aether Candace

6 Tips for Redecorating Your Space for Manifestation and Healing

Back Then


Years ago, I redecorated my house to help me manifest my dreams and keep my vibration high in an environment that broke me mentally and emotionally. Sharing my experiences and offering tips to help guide others is the purpose of this article. Let's rise above.



Back towards the end of 2016, while recovering from a major heartbreak from my now ex-husband and staying with him at the time, I decided we needed to do one of two things, move or reinvent the home for my peace. My partner at the time did not want to move, and the cost of everything in Atlanta was rising steadily, so we decided to stay where we were. 

We planned on moving to Jamaica as a family in the future, and after my first-time visit that summer of 2016, I was even more motivated. As time progressed into 2017, I was still recovering from years of mess and a major incident with additional issues afterward and I couldn't stand to be in the house. There were too many memories of the betrayal, and just being in my home, made me sad and angry. I wrote a poem about the sentiments and detailed the betrayal in my book, "Trials & Tribulations of a Healing Heart."

I felt haunted by the past and wanted relief, so I refreshed my home with magickal intention. I don't think anyone was more serious than me when it came to the idea of moving to Jamaica, and I had already set up a corporation there and planned my future with my family. I know all too well how emotional setbacks can throw your life off track if one is not careful, so I needed to do my part to remove what was triggering me if I was going to stay in the house and the marriage. I redecorated my home with reminders of my goals, who I am, and my power.

Painting to Refresh Your Space


The first change that came to mind was painting the plain white walls. I needed a new backdrop to the scenes of my life. I chose colors that represented the interior and exteriors of the homes people had in Jamaica. Turquoise, orange, yellow, and lime green were the colors purchased. The Turquoise went into the living room, and the kitchen was painted orange. The lime green was for the sunroom and the hallway, but we never finished it. The dining room was painted yellow.

Tip #1

Choose Colors for Feeling and Goal Aspirations


Choose colors that represent your goal or a good feeling. Are you moving to a new city or a place with a whole different vibe? Select colors that represent your destination. Which colors bring you warm, joyous feelings? If you don't know, go to the hardware store, stand in front of the color samples and choose the colors that feel drawn to you. 

If finances are an issue, try these options: 

  • Purchase some craft paint and use it to paint your fixtures
  • Buy stencils that feel right for your goals paint them with the right colors
  • Purchase a small can(s) of paint and paint the trim in your home
  • Pick out wall decals that represent your physical/emotional destination or the colors you like

Update Fixtures and Décor


Removing fixtures and decor that trigger you is crucial. Clear what you can afford to clear out to keep the vibrations of your space high. In my case, I replaced curtains and fixtures. The colors of the curtains were green to represent growth, money, and prosperity. I wanted a fixture theme that represented Jamaica and prosperity. I went with pineapples and palm trees. The shopping process was fascinating because I left the house with a clear intention, and everything I needed was right there at Home Goods and TJ Maxx. I kept the pineapple and palm tree vibe at one of my future places as well. Pineapples represent prosperity, and they are beautiful. Multiple species of pineapples grow in Jamaica. Paintings of palm trees were everywhere. The design elements were chosen because they represented the island lifestyle I craved and the jelly coconut water that I needed in my life daily.

I had a canvas print in my kitchen that was turquoise and green and said, "Bring Your Own Sunshine." This painting was a reminder of my power over my happiness.

Tip #2

Select Fixtures and Decorations That Trigger Great Feelings, Drive, and Inspiration


    Choose fixtures, curtains, and paintings that represent how you want to feel and where you want to go. Make sure colors ignite the magical or location vibration you desire. If affordability is a concern, try these options:
  • Get your canvas, paint, and clay and create your goals and inspiration
  • Put your best words in Canva and create something you put to print and tape on the wall or put in a frame

Declutter - Release Stale Past Energy.



Get rid of things you don't need, items that trigger you, and low vibrational items. Before this movement to revamp my house, I got rid of most of my Agate. I purchased the Agate crystals from many trips to TJ Maxx over the years and received quite a few as gifts. I knew the stones were great for protection and grounding. A friend taught me that too much grounding could be to drag you down - even into a depression. The stones were so pretty, and I had so many around the house - on my altar, in plant containers, and near the doors for protection. I looked into it, and yes, it is a real thing. Every crystal is not excellent for everyone, and too much of anything can be dangerous - even water. I couldn't get rid of those stones fast enough. I called my local clients and gave them away as gifts with a lesson and one stone only policy.

I gave many other items to friends and Goodwill. It felt good to release so much.

Tip #3

Declutter and Clean


Declutter your house before you do anything else. After you declutter, do a deep clean, and if you can, hire someone to do so.

Salt for Protection



At the time, the partner I was with had an issue with home boundaries. I would come home to random people in my house at my dinner table chilling, propped up in my living room, or just standing around. After a hard day of work, this felt like nails on a chalkboard. I just wanted to come in, take off my bra, put on some yoga pants, and watch TV in the living room. It felt very uncomfortable with all that extra energy in the house, and I was usually stuck in my room until his people left. Dinners weren’t on time and the environment was chaotic - especially with kids.

There was a day when I saw a man sitting at my dinner table with creepy vibes. To a normal person, I suppose he would seem normal, but he made me uneasy at the first glance. The hairs on the back of my neck would stand up when he looked at my children. I remember asking him why he looked at my children in "that way." He said he was an artist and wanted to paint them. I asked to see pictures of the art, and he stumbled over his words. After he left, I told my ex-husband that I didn't want the man to come back to the house, and I didn't like the way he looked at my daughters. He ignored me, and the man was back at my home the next day and the next day and the next day. I reached out to a friend about the situation, and she gave me a salt ritual. I did what she said, and the guy never came back to the house.

The purpose and intention were to stop the guy and anyone with ill will from coming into the home. After my ritual, a few other people were unable to make it into the house.

Tip #4

Salt Your Home to Protect it From PredAtors


Write a petition that allows only people with the best intentions to come in, or write a particular petition about who is not permitted in the home. Purchase some sea salt or Pink Himalayan Salt  that you explicitly use for magick and nothing else. Recite the petition as you sprinkle salt on all the entryways. Bury the petition near the front door. If you live in a building, get a potted plant near the front door and bury it.

If you need help with writing a petition or the process in general, connect with me through the contact form or DM me.

Incense - Dried Plants and Resins



Every plant has a spiritual and medicinal purpose. People use incense for spiritual and medicinal purposes.  At this time, I already had spiritual and therapeutic reference books for plants. The previous events of my life had me doing so much spiritual work - shadow work, studying, healing, and practicing. After years of so many things happening to me, I wanted power over my happiness. Victimhood does not look good on me.

I took this time of environmental transformation to create incense that would impact my home's energy. My experiments were quite interesting. One day while burning a freshly created incense recipe, a door caught on fire but did not burn in the presence of someone who was afflicted with entities - Good Times. For my experiments, I put dried plants, essential oils, and resins together in various combinations. Sometimes the power of the incense would be great, but the smell would not be friendly. Through practice, I got better and created my signature incenses, and custom incenses for clients. 

Using plants and dried resins as incense was not new to me, and I'd been burning them on incense charcoal for years or smudging with various types of sage and sweetgrass.

Years before this incident, I had cousins come into town. When they arrived in town, they brought a friend who had terrible vibes and was quite openly, a hater. He was always making snide comments, trying to check our pockets with pointed questions about the cost of our home, office, studio, and work materials. We just met this guy, and he just came out demanding this information. It was rude. Then he started saying inappropriate things to my cousin. I love my cousin but couldn't deal with his friend.

One day during their stay at my house, the guy said something negative about my ex-husband's business. The guy had the same type of business in a whole different state, which is excellent, but he had nothing but rude things to say for no reason. I didn't like someone under my roof being a hater, so I lit some incense while he was napping. My cousins and I were chilling and talking, and I remembered the friend's comments. I lit half an intense charcoal and waited for it to turn grey. Then I placed Frankincense and Myrrh resin on the incense charcoal tablet. I didn't add too much because you don't need much. The incense smoldered and moved through the house. My cousins and I laughed and talked as usual. They saw me lighting the incense but didn't know my intentions. The friend was in a bedroom napping. Suddenly, the friend stormed out of the room coughing and refused to come back into the house. He didn't even come back in to get his stuff. He booked a hotel room and had my cousin come get his stuff. My last memory of that young man was him running out of my home coughing.

Frankincense and Myrrh were gifts from the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus, so release those pearls if you are a Christian reading this. We have to play an active role in our personal and environmental protection.

Tip #5

Keep Protective Incense on Hand


Always remember spirits with mal intent can roam the world alone or in groups, attach to people and reside within people. Just because a person does “everything right” socially does not mean they are immune to spirits with mal intent or that they themselves are not sheep in wolves' clothing. 

Incense charcoal is the same charcoal you will see at a hookah lounge. For your average room you only really need half of a small charcoal disc. Keep that in mind when burning incense. I do not recommend everyone create their own incense as I have. Let’s keep it cute and safe. However, I do recommend burning specific combinations for peace and protection.

Some combinations are going to be smell sweeter, more earthy or like burning leaves on a cool fall day. Play with the combinations and move forward with what makes you happy. I create a protection incense that is powerful and has an amazing smell. At this time, I only offer it as a wholesale option. To get on the retail waiting list or purchase wholesale contact me through the webform or DM me.

Declarative Statements for Manifestation



Think of the private places in your home where you spend the most time. Is it your bathroom, bed, or desk at your home office? This will be the location of your declarative statement.

More than a year and a half before the redecoration movement, I was on a mission to upgrade my life after a rough period. I had a session with my mentor and my partner at the time. She asked me what I was trying to accomplish, and I told her I wanted to make $10k per month, each. Meaning I didn't want to continue to be the only one making real money in the relationship, and I wanted to upgrade from my previous earnings. I wasn't specific about how the money would be made, I just knew I could, and I did. She told me what to do, and I did it. Thirty days later, I had a new job that gave me a $20k pay increase from my previous job, + my business ventures were picking back up. So after 30 days, I made $10k that month.

What she asked me to do wasn't anything outside of what I usually do - exist, write, ignore. What I did may sound like an affirmation, but it is not. I will break down what to do and see if you can spot the slight but essential difference between an affirmation and a declarative statement.

TIP #6

 Declare It As You Know It To Be True



Create a declarative statement and strategically place it in your home. Choose the perfect place for your statement. The statement needs to be legibly written in your handwriting, in pen ink or marker on a paper color that makes the pen ink or marker color very visible. Keep it simple - black ink on white paper. The location of the paper needs to be in your line of vision, but not somewhere you will stare like the middle of a mirror, the center of your television screen, on your clothes, or someone else's clothes.

Example: When I laid in my bed, a far wall was directly in front of me. The side of a bookshelf was to my right and up against the wall. The television was mounted high up on a closer wall in front of me, but not on the ceiling. I put my declarative statement on white paper with a black sharpie and taped it to the side of the bookshelf. It was in my line of vision when I woke up, watched TV, went to sleep, or spoke to my kids when they came into my room to talk.

My desire was for myself and my partner to each make $10k per month, but when it comes to collaborating with someone, both people have to be in on the magick. If they are not, it will show. My mentor knew this, and she asked that we make the declarative statements as individuals. I made the statement verbally and wrote it on white paper with a black sharpie. My partner at the time did the same. I taped my declarative statement on the side of the bookcase and ignored the paper. I didn't think about it again. Sure I recognized it when my eyes may have passed over it, but I kept it moving and didn't allow any thoughts to set in. Why? I wasn't trying to disturb the magick I created. I didn't want to plant a good seed, dig it up again, and ruin the flow. That is not magick. That is worrisome, fear-based behavior, and how can you manifest with that kind of soil?

When it comes to magick, unless you are a healer working on behalf of someone else, avoid doing manifestation work with others until you are more experienced. You want to make sure you can manage your intentions and understand the quality of your own magick so you can practice and make updates as needed.

Take a Deep Breath

I have provided links throughout this article to show you items that will help you clear your space, protect your area and raise the vibration of your space. These tools and suggestions help you obtain more power over your happiness. Don't let haters sit in your aura or your home. Protect your family from predators and release your space from triggers that don't add any benefit to your healing process. Most importantly, get out in front of your life and stop letting everything happen. Put your personal power into your life and create, manifest, and draw in what you want.

Here are some functional décor items to help you keep the peace in your home and those vibrations high:

  • Resin Incense Burner Kit: Includes Frankincense, Myrrh, Mexican Copal, Palo Santo, White Sage, Incense Charcoal Disks, Charcoal Burner with Coaster, tongs, and more
  • Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews - This is a great book for understanding how to protect your mind, body, and spirit. When healing, protection is necessary
  • Coffee Grinder - When combined herbs have similar texture consistencies, they are easier to work with. This is not a necessity, but it will help when working with dried herbs. I do not recommend using the coffee grinder for drinking coffee. It is best to have a separate machine.

What Happened



Ten months after this home revamp, I was living in Jamaica. At the time of the home revamp, I did not know how I was going to make it happen in 2017, but it happened. The person who was my husband at the time did not come with me. The details of that transformation +  more tips on healing and elevating can be found in "Trials & Tribulations of a Healing Heart."

Shout out to my client, who was questioning whether to leave her home or stay. The answer that came through as, “Stay and Stack.”  I told her I would send her a list of things to do to reset, protect and elevate her home anergy and it turned into the longest blog post on the website. 

Always remember - when you heal, it impacts those in front of you, behind you and all around you. - Aether Candace
Trials and Tribulations of a Healing Heart

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