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New Services and Providers Bring New Energy and Readings to Soul Trine

New Services and Providers | Soul Trine

If you have been reading our newsletters (Subscribe because we update our insiders more often than our blog.) and keeping up with the latest happenings of the planetary movements and eclipses, you should have known some big changes were going to happen here, just as they are happening with you and the mainstream world. This is what Soul Trine has been up to:

  • Adding more services
  • Adding more service providers
  • Being more open about our closed-door services

New Metaphysical Service Providers at Soul Trine

Madame Creatrix

Madame Creatrix is a new psychic reader at Soul Trine. She has over 16 years of experience in the metaphysical industry. She will be able to assist the clients of Soul Trine with intuitive tarot readings, channeling, psychic mediumship, and dream interpretation.

Lauren Manicke

“My passion is to use her knowledge and wisdom to connect all souls of all generations, backgrounds, faiths, practices, and experiences with the unseen realms, helping them find their unique true alignment. My passion lies in guiding new brooms (beginner witches) to discover their potential through spirituality, magic education, community, and shared encounters.“

Justine The Witch

Justine is a bloodline witch who uses her knowledge of the metaphysical realm and connection to the spirit world to help people excel in their lives and heal. She is a new tarot reader to Soul Trine as well. Tarot is her favorite divination because it allows her to have a truly deep and honest conversation with her clients.

Justine The Witch

I am naturally gifted as a confessor, conduit, and alchemizer, so when I connect with clients through Tarot, I am able to witness them as they are and hold space for them. Tarot is the tool to get passed the fluff and surface stuff, straight to the heart and root.”

Working With Madame Creatrix and Justine The Witch 

Justine and Madame Creatrix will be available for most recorded readings, live readings, and coaching sessions. Whether you are selecting a recorded or live reading, you will now be able to choose between Aether Candace, Madame Creatrix, and Justine The Witch if we offer the metaphysical service of your choice. There are readings that are exclusive to each of us. 

If you ever have any questions, feel free to send a message through the contact page.

New Soul Trine Readings 

Dream Interpretation - Recorded Reading w/Madame Creatrix

The dream interpretation reading is phenomenal. If you are constantly waking up from dreams with intense feelings of WTF, sadness, fear, happiness or accomplishment, this is the reading you need.  After you awake from your dream, head on over to Soul Trine and type up your experience on our order form. Your dream will be reviewed, analyzed, and interpreted. Your dream interpretation results will be sent via your choice of an audio recording or a video recording. Click here to learn more details about Dream Interpretation Recorded Reading.

Lifetime Reading - Live Reading w/Madame Creatrix

I had this reading and absolutely loved it. As a reader, it really takes the best of the best for me to be impressed, and Madame Creatrix absolutely impressed me. When she did my lifetime reading, I felt so seen and understood. So much of my current lifetime and other lifetimes made sense. This reading is exclusive to Madame Creatrix. She is the only one who offers this reading. Click here to learn more details about the Lifetime Reading w/Madame Creatrix.

Find Your Soulmate Reading - Live Reading w/Justine The Witch

Romantic relationships can erupt a spectrum of emotions and feelings, but at some point, we want a deeper understanding of what we are to experience in this life cycle. The Find Your Soulmate Reading will help you better understand your romantic outlook. Click here to learn more details about the Find Your Soulmate Live Reading w/Justine The Witch.

Closed-Door Metaphysical Services

Closed-Door Metaphysical Services

Soul Trine/Cloud 9.5 has always offered metaphysical services. I’ve never created products for them because, in the past, I preferred that they be requested directly from customers I’ve built a relationship. In the recent year, I’ve had more requests for various services from people who have not initially started as a tarot clients. However, it is normal for me to give reasonable instructions after a reading or within a newsletter; providing metaphysical services is something I am now ready to allow Soul Trine to provide to newer clients. Here are some details on how they will work:

  • All metaphysical services require at least one 30-minute live tarot reading via video or phone to determine the scope of the issue and the best course of action. 
    • We reserve the right to decline to provide metaphysical services after determining the scope of the concern. This rarely happens, but it must be stated.
  • Work will be performed on your behalf, and you will receive instructions as well.
    • Your instructions must be explicitly followed.
  • Your solution will be custom to you, the goal/problem, and the energy around your goal or problem. 

What Are Metaphysical Services?

Soul Trine metaphysical services are services that help you achieve a goal or solve a problem. We have many ways of helping you solve problems and achieve your goals. Don’t be shy. We don’t judge. Ask your service provider for more information before your reading.

Reasons Why People Request Metaphysical Services

  • Money
  • Protection
  • Justice
  • Love
  • Paranormal Experiences
  • Relationships - Romantic, Familial, Platonic, Work
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Spiritual Gifts/Psychic Abilities
  • Business
  • Enlightenment
  • Knowledge/Truth
  • Self-Improvement/Help

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I do hope you’ve signed up for our email list. The major planetary happenings of the past few months have been interesting, confusing, and strange, but ultimately, they were what was needed for the greater good of Soul Trine and me. I covered these changes and provided readings for the collective to help people with clarity through retrogrades and eclipses. I’m excited about your 2023 and feel good about your ability to grow, adapt, and evolve through the times.

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