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How to Cleanse Your Aura With Selenite

Selenite Crystals

What is an aura?

Auras are personal energy fields. The dictionary definition is “The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing or place.”

Maintaining a clear aura is excellent self-care. Negative thinking, bad experiences, meanies, you name it...there are many things and situations that can give us a dingy aura. Before we know it everyone is picking up on our icky vibes, even when we set our intentions toward having the best day ever.

What can we do about clearing a dusty aura to reset our vibes and get back on track?

  • Meditate - Great option! Is this always convenient when considering time and space? Sometimes, but not all the time.
  • Smudge - Awesome idea! Imagine burning a bundle of herbs and wafting them on yourself at your work desk. Unless you work from home or at a metaphysical business, you may get a call from HR.
  • Cleanse With Selenite Crystals - Yes!!! Consider Selenite a crystal smudge.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a crystal also known as desert rose, satin spar, and gypsum flower. The stone is a crystallized form of Gypsum and is of the softest crystals, measuring a 2 on the Mohs Scale. For perspective, Talc measures in at 1 and Diamonds are 10.

Selenite has been and continues to be used for ancient and modern decorations, everyday functionality, and spirituality.

From a spiritual perspective, Selenite can activate, open, and clear the Crown and Higher Chakras.

Selenite is so pure that it never needs to be cleansed. It even cleanses other crystals. It has a high vibrational frequency of 244.5 MHZ.


Block and Dissipate Negative Energy With Selenite Crystals

Negative energy is not hard to find. It can linger on people, in rooms, and entire buildings. At times it can become infectious and spread like wildfire if we don’t take the necessary precautions.

Many people consider Selenite crystals psychic vacuums. They absorb negativity and protect the space around it from negative influences. Selenite as a high-frequency vibration and directs that high vibration to the space it dwells and the people using it.

Selenite is great for offices and cubicle clusters where people often bring their negative energy from home or release the icky vibes they carry inside. If you have a job that requires you to touch and interact with more than one person a day you may want to keep some Selenite nearby to protect yourself and dispel any negative energy. The same approach can be applied to your home environment.

How to use Selenite to Cleanse Your Aura

Start at the crown of your head and waft the selenite crystal in a downward motion from your crown to your feet. If you have a cool crystal friend, you could ask them to do it for you, but trust me, this is easy to do on your own.

Selenite is somewhat of a crystal Swiss Army Knife. It can:

  • Cleanse Auras, Environments, and Crystals
  • Dispel Negativity
  • Generate Clarity
  • Charge Crystals
  • Cleanse Crystals
  • ...and so much more

P.S. Selenite and water do not play well together. Keep it away from water. Water disintegrates Selenite. Be gentle with your Selenite crystal. It is one fo the softest crystals on Earth.

Selenite Crystal Ball
Selenite Crystal Ball

Please message me with any questions.

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