April Pink Full Moon in Libra - Cloud 9.5

The April Pink Full Moon in Libra and You - A Horoscope

The April Pink full moon in Libra and you

A Horoscope

The Pink Full Moon is at 26 degrees Libra on April 16th 2022 at 2:57 p.m. It is also known as the Paschal Full Moon as it is the first full moon of spring. This full moon is nicknamed the Pink Moon for the flower that blooms in early spring.

 What You Need to Know About the April Pink Full Moon 

This full moon is transiting our 3rd house in Libra on the Cusp of Scorpio. As a collective it is having a direct impact on how we perceive the value of those around us, how our ability to communicate these emotional needs translate into our material world or 3D.  Having the moon in Scorpio is like having a double moon, Luckily we are only at the cusp. This Libra Full moon is asking us to seek balance within our emotional body as well as our physical in order to take action towards what we truly desire and value.

The 11th house traditionally is ruled by the Aquarius (both Uranus change energy and Saturn lesson energy).  With Cancer in the 11th house, it takes on those characteristics of the vacillating collective. Between what "was" and what you "truly desire" more importantly what have you learned that will motivate positive change in how you show up in the world.

  • The Sun is asking us to take a deep dive into our emotional body contemplating what we truly desire, using that Mars Aries energy to push us. First we must examine how or if our true identity correlates with the way we show up in the world. 
  • The Third House Full moon in Libra asks us to examine how we communicate. Whether it translates into how well we are able to get our emotional needs met from others. 
  • Pluto transiting Capricorn is asking how our actions toward our achievements and communication of our desires yielded the responses we want or expect from our social circle or community. 
  • The Full Moon energy in our 11th house in cancer is focusing on friendship, where you show up in a social circle or work , is where a lot of us are longing for change, cohesion, growth and recognition.

There's a Cardinal T Square between Pluto in Capricorn in our collective second house  ( house of value, yours and others). Squares are hard Aspects unlike Trines pushing us towards our desires. Squares reveal conflict where we can consciously find the ability to access positive solutions to evolve from deeply buried feelings being exposed. This often happens for example through a victim predator scenario, place yourself where it applies. Through this situation you adapt and grow through free will. Somewhere collectively we may feel out of control with current assets or our abilities and how we can express it.

This Pink Full Moon hits home for everyone but there are a few prettiest girls at the party if interpersonal growth had a tiara Aries Pisces Capricorn Virgo Taurus and Scorpio the most, honorable mentions for this season Leo and Aquarius. This full moon is primarily affecting how we communicate our feelings and our emotions. We are learning valuable lessons about how we communicate what it is we desire from others and how those abilities or inabilities have brought us to our current circumstances.

This current Transit of Venus Mars Jupiter Neptune is in the 6th and 7th house, occurring in the Zodiac Sign of Pisces. This Pisces Stellium (3 or more Planets located in one Zodiac) combines the traditional astrological rulers, the Benefic Planets of Jupiter and Neptune. This once in a lifetime celestial occurrence. The last time these two were in Pisces was 1856 and the next time they will reunite is 2188! Tap into this Piscean energy in relation to new opportunities, networking or overall new friends or romantic partners. This event is transiting our Sixth and Seventh house causing us to gravitate towards partnerships in all areas of life as well our personal health wellness and personal goals and limitations.

What You Need to Know

This transit while conflicts and turmoil have led to many uncomfortable conversations and arguments in some cases, all for the good. 

 Look to your Social and community circles to see where and how you are showing up and where your communications with other have be strained. 

Next steps for success for the Libra Full Moon

Recognize where you are accountable for the miscommunication in your life. Develop an action plan for the Future Goals you planned. to achieve these said goals instead of obsessing over whether it translates well to people only discuss them with people who can aid you in that direction. 

Maintain emotional and physical boundaries but learn to communicate these and be responsible for what you say and don't say. Overall, this is a time of action using this uncomfortable energy, having these uncomfortable conversations are pushing you ultimately towards growth.

The Signs and The April Pink Full Moon in Scorpio



As we continue into your season we encounter the first full moon of spring with the Sun at 27° in the 9th house on the cusp of both the 8th house and in the last few Degrees of Aries emerging into Taurus, this full moon is definitely having an effect on your work life emotionally and socially.  With the Sun in Aries Squaring Pluto in Capricorn at 28°, There's a driving energy for Aries to express your desires. Whether it's anger or passion, there's definitely an intensified need for self-expression. This particular square is an assertive aspect building from the new moon on April 1st. This aspect is happening in our second and 5th houses of value of one's possessions versus the house of self-expression. Aries you're going through sort of a mini rebirth right now this is a challenging aspect because it reminds you of two places, being between your ego and your fears.


Taurus you're experiencing significant emotional (North Node and South node Opposition at 22 degrees)  interpersonal and professional changes. You're reviewing your social circle and family dynamic as the Sun in Aries is cusping the collective 9th house causing you to focus on how your choices in how you have made decisions socially and career wise have affected how you and others view you showing up in the world. You are evaluating what you have accomplished, especially emerging into your birthday season. You're going to experience this evaluations throughout the year and may have noticed the consistent vacillation or feeling like you're in-between two minds. A credit to the polar shift in January that will last until July 2022, when it will shift into Aries/Libra. Use this energy to gain perspective on relationships. Make use of being between two waves of consciousness to make the best decisions.


While there's a Full Moon transiting our collective 3rd house, the house of communication. There's also the transit in our collective 10th house, black moon Lilith. You like Taurus at this time are definitely between two minds normally in your pocket, the twins being one of your astrological symbols. You are finding a hard time communicating about a work project or assignment. You are also currently focused on how you are perceived and showing up in the world socially as well as professionally. This is definitely impacting your home work life balance. This Full moon is asking you to evaluate what your goals are, where you want to be in life in all areas emotional, physical and romantically. Execution of these goals are accessible once you define what you need, who will help you will fall into place. Anticipating a new mindset, friend or partner will help you once you determine exactly what and where you can no longer be yourself.


Cancer this Full moon for you is totally focused on your family life goals and dreams for the future. You are the focal point of the cardinal square for mentioned, and your energy is what drives the collective to look into their emotional body and really seek what gives you emotional fulfillment. This is beyond the superficial Cancer you are looking for a sense of home and belonging in every endeavor and relationship that you see as valuable. Continue to evaluate what makes you feel at home in the space you take up and brings you true value in life.


Leo this Full moon is transiting the 3rd house but it is having a larger impact on your 12th house as you examine and weigh in on your emotional body. The overall trajectory of your current career and accomplishments have put you in an awkward position. While what gives you pleasure also brings you pain. During this Full moon you are recognizing your standing in your social circle, uncovering hidden enemies or expired bonds. You are grappling with the highs and lows of success, this too shall pass. Your understanding or perception of the previous spaces you've occupied no longer fit and the emerging new normal is nothing but normal but certainly new. The newness is your pocket, the outgrowing of the old spaces with your expanded perspective is the much needed integration.


Virgo the official mask of the collective, we are all preparing for spring and the upcoming holidays getting more organized. You represent the ascendent or rising sign positioned in the first house currently. You're determined to work your routine and be of aid and assistance to others. You are quickly realizing that the term work life balance is a lifestyle more than an affirmation. Virgo this Full Moon is asking you to pay attention to where you feel drained and empowered. What and who is affecting how you show up in the world and maybe even you. Perfect is the enemy of good. Organize Virgo you've made decisions out of the desire to maintain control, that doesn't seem to help you get any better reign of things. Slow down, plan and regroup. You're still moving in the right direction but it's better to aim and keep working. Don't get caught up in what it looks like for once and enjoy how things feel life gets messy that's why they invented paper towels and Virgo's.


The full moon transiting your 3rd house cusp the 2nd house ( Sister Element ruled by Gemini 3rd house and Taurus ruled 2nd house) is not a bad placement but definitely pressure. This is asking you to realize your emotions motivate your career aspirations, your ideal family life and how you show up in your social circle. You are taking accountability and learning to communicate yourself and realizing where you have over extended love to some and under bid on the people who love you most. This Full moon is in opposition with the Aries sun so depending on the Aries placement this is the area you are taking action to balance yourself and how you show up in the world.


This full moon is affecting your communications. You are realizing how communication has affected your relationships and how you are perceived by others. Whether there is a lack of it or not you are beginning to uncover the past collection of Miscommunications or assumptions of others that have led them to have a specific perception of you. You are learning when it is necessary to clear the air in circumstances and when it is best to let others assume. You are reflecting you past altercation exchanges and even decisions and the progression of discernment. You are making cuts and assessing additions in your life. Trust your gut what's removed will be replaced and what has value will always retain and double its worth. The past is a tool not the way.  


This Full Moon in Libra while your neighbor your neighbor sign it's pressing on your home life and you show up within your domicile. You definitely need or require space and don't necessarily know how to communicate this and it's causing imbalance in your work life and relationships trying to please everyone and you. This Full moon is teaching you when to be selfish and when to be a team player.


As the strong part of this full moon Capricorn this weekend and throughout this Aries season you're reflecting on how your in the moment desire for fun and pleasure affect your future and the opinions of those you value. Like Aries and Cancer your are this full moon is definitely having an effect on work social  and home life both emotionally and socially. I know you've heard the term don't make decisions when you're emotional or in your feelings? Or don't go shopping when you're hungry? Your desires or feelings about things strongly motivate your actions. Review your long term goals your social circles and finances and spending that may have been made in better or lesser moods 


This Full moon is asking you to come out of your comfort zone Aquarius. This is your age and the planets are literally aligned to help make the necessary changes to how you develop, grow and emote in new and old relationships. This Full Moon is asking you to call upon your once difficulty in self expression to be used in a word who is just learning how to exist between two worlds as you've been doing it all your life being in between your heart and mind not as a refuge but as an emotional intelligent mode of operation society is catching up to. Explore new relationships as you become more successful at integrating these weird corks and stop avoiding social interactions you'll find humans aren't that bad. This Full moon is asking you to come out of your comfort zone Aquarius. This is your age and the planets are literally aligned to help make the necessary changes to how you develop, grow and emote in new and old relationships. This Full Moon is asking you to call upon your once difficulty in self expression to be used in a word who is just learning how to exist between two worlds as you've been doing it all your life being in between your heart and mind not as a refuge but as an emotional intelligent mode of operation society is catching up to. Explore new relationships as you become more successful at integrating these weird corks and stop avoiding social interactions you'll find humans aren't that bad.

Side note: Be yourself!


Pisces this Full Moon is impacting primarily the center of your 6th and 7th house of work and partnership. You're currently in a state of flux between finding or managing your current career, love and family life. You're emerging on to energy pushing for some much needed, yet uncomfortable conversations. You or those around you have made decisions based on emotion and now as the dust settles all parties must find some resolution. Best advice Pisces recognize the actions you've taken out of emotion and choose to move and integrate decisions that align with the things you desire and the image you wish to represent.

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