Tarot Reflections: The Vehicle Archetype and Your Relationships

Tarot Reflections: The Vehicle Archetype and Your Relationships

Tarot Reflections


Tarot Reflections

Messages for Them, But for Everyone

This article may challenge some of your belief systems, but if you are on a metaphysical website, you are likely not the type to take offense to a challenge.

People come to me for love readings with a few common questions:

  • I have a feeling...Am I right?
  • Why did they leave? Will we get back together?
  • Is this going to work?

Today’s focus is, Why did they leave? Will we get back together? I will not be limiting this post to romantic love. This covers all types of relationships where heart energy is involved - romantic, platonic, and familial.

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Disney, sitcoms, and romcoms played with our heads. They made us believe in the fairytale of what family, friends, and relationships are supposed to be. Here are some ideas to embrace  for this 2022 and beyond:

  • Every love in your life is not meant to last forever. 
  • Every ending does not have to be a scandalous disaster. 
  • Every ending won’t be a Three of Cups send-off. 
  • Every lover is not your soul-mate or twin flame.
  • Everyone won't agree with you.
  • At some point, you have to choose between the herd mentality and your soul journey.

I don’t incorporate soul-mate and twin-flame terminology into my practice unless it is absolutely necessary. The term Twin Flame often makes people believe they need to endure abuse for a duration of time instead of walking away, licking their wounds, and starting their healing journey. Twin Flames are supposed to be one soul that was divided at some point. This does not support the idea of you being one soul on a soul journey with your own mirror and shadow work to do. I’ve found that people use the Twin Flame concept as a way to render themselves powerless in their own healing or feel like the abuse and disrespect they are enduring is supposed to happen.  However, I do support the idea of individual souls reconnecting from past lives for many different reasons.

The soul-mate reality is heavily supported at Cloud 9.5  If you were to bring up your soulmate or twin flame, I would never shut you down or discredit your experience. During a standard tarot reading, most people never ask why a person is in their life this lifetime and that is a true soul-mate question. People usually want to know about recent moments.

Here’s a real-life situation: Someone (Person A) was crying over their supposed soul-mate (Person B) but their actual soul-mate died 10 years prior. When he crossed over he’d been trying to help Person A see their exit opportunities and expose reasons why they needed to leave their relationship with Person B. This didn’t happen because the true soulmate was jealous. The deceased soulmate saw the big soul picture and knew Person A had a soul contract with a journey and missions to accomplish in this lifetime and the relationship she was in with Person B was harming her spirit and holding her back. Also, this soulmate did not show up as a lover in this lifetime. The true soulmate showed up as a close family member. 

More ideas to embrace for 2022 and beyond:

  • Soulmates do not need to be romantic. 
  • Your soul has multiple soulmates.

The Vehicle Relationship

Every romantic love in your life is not a soul mate. There is another archetype - The Vehicle. Whether platonic, romantic, or familial, some people are only supposed to walk beside you to get you from one point in life to the next. Keep in mind that a walk may not be a stroll through a pretty meadow. The walk could be a brisk walk down a dark alley in the worst neighborhood or even a war zone.

Here are some reasons why vehicle relationships will come to you:

  • Pain/Trauma/Tragedy for Growth
  • Create a business
  • Create a Child
  • Introductions to new ideas, places, things and perspectives
  • Fulfill a soul-contract
  • To level-up

These are great reasons for a Vehicle Relationship to come around. You are supposed to grow. You are not supposed to stay the same. Vehicle relationships are a natural part of your soul’s experience. Your time with a vehicle relationship will expire and when that time comes, there will be clear signs that it is time to go. 

People adjusting the way they relate to each other or parting ways is fine and normal. The issue comes in when people don’t know when or how to release the Vehicle Relationship to let it roll on down the street. This is the part where we face struggle and harm. The ego will want us to cling to harmful people even though we are suffering because it likes to stick with what is familiar. The Higher Self that you are here to ascend to wants you to travel your soul path to complete your life’s missions. This means new people, places, and things.

Here are some things that happen when we gain unhealthy attachments to vehicle relationships:

  • They slow you down
  • They trap you
  • They lower your confidence
  • They degrade you
  • The distract you from your greatness

Some people feel the changes within themselves happening, leave and level up. Some people stay and fall into a degradation of the soul until divine intervention wakes them up.

The one thing up against this lifetime and relationships is time. People like to throw around that time isn’t real but is part of our reality. Time is how we measure age and if the one you are in love with has not spent enough time on Earth, you’ll go to jail. Time is not a good measure for maturity. With time it is assumed that people mature as they age, but after being on Earth for a number of decades, I can tell you this is not true. Are your attachments allowing you to spend your time on Earth in the highest and best ways?

Sometimes relationships end because they are supposed to. The person you were with was only supposed to walk with you but so far in life. I'm talking about all relationships. Some people grow and others don't. This is not good or bad. It feels bad when we want someone to grow with us. You can lay out the red carpet for growth, ask Scottie to beam them up, send them an Uber and rent a hovercraft and they stay where they are, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and/or materialistically. Everyone has their own journey. It is okay to introduce people to their options, but you can’t force them to do anything they aren’t moved to do.

The #1 Sign of an Expired Vehicle Relationship

The person is discouraging in relation to topics about your growth and healing.

The good vehicle relationships are the ones who are willing to stay, adjust and support you in your growth or let you go peacefully. The bad ones are the ones who are unwilling to grow or offer you support on your growth journey and also won't let you go. You will eventually get frustrated, miserable, and tired. Tired is a two-way street. You are either tired of this shit and make a way to get the fuck up out of there and go or you become too tired to make a move and just comply with their movements.

Trust me your soul won't let up. Your higher self, your angels, and your spiritual team will fight for you when you won't. They will create a cycle of exposure until you wake up and take the reigns of your life or die - whichever comes first. If the person is calculating they will do whatever they can to make you stay - manipulation and abuse of all kinds - physical, financial, mental, emotional, even sexual.

Applying manipulation and abuse to someone for personal gratification and control is easy to do to someone who is out of touch with their true self, someone who does not love themselves. This is the part where self-love really counts. It helps you make the best decisions for your soul journey and to develop an understanding of what love is supposed to feel like. Predatory people who work hard to keep others under their thumb, abuse them, and degrade them. They want you to stay on their level. 

A self-loved person is too much of a headache. If someone who has been harming you decides to up and leave or cut contact without warning, you may have been blessed. Your self-love may have been shining through. Your Angels, Guides, and Spiritual team were probably working on your behalf to free you.

If you noticed, I didn’t mention a human support system. In recent years, I’ve learned that oftentimes the support system people think they have mirrors the person they are trying to leave. That vehicle relationship can also point you in the direction of bigger and deeper wounds that need to be healed within your foundation.

When you do feel abandoned, heartbroken, and even betrayed, tune into yourself and work on filling yourself up with love. Why? Predators love a beautiful bird with a broken wing. They don’t want to work too hard for their desires. Your self-love is your predator repellant as well as a key to the hindsight of lessons hand-delivered from your past vehicle relationships. Without self-love, a new vehicle relationship will show up to show you everything the last one showed you in the same way, a different way, or worse because you were easy prey - a gorgeous bird with a broken wing with no predator repellant. As you grow, be open to new lessons and look toward graduating to the next soul grade.

30 Days to Unconditional Self-Love

Vehicle Relationships are here to help you. It is important to understand the root of our attachments to heal that part of ourselves. Those unhealed attachment wounds often act like portals that bring in people who will continue to try to teach us lessons until we focus on ourselves to heal the wounds.  Give yourself a chance to learn all the light and shadows of your soul. Is it easy to love a stranger? This is a key reason why people get astrological and divination readings - they want to better understand themselves in ways they are unable to with their own senses.

If you want a deeper look into your romantic, familial and platonic relationships, schedule some time on the calendar.

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