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Merging Lists - Welcome to Club Cloud 9.5

Merging Lists - Welcome to Club Cloud 9.5 - Cloud 9.5

I've been a woman unnecessarily divided. I'm working two brands (Candace D. Black - Illumination & Creativity & Club Cloud 9.5) that are ultimately trying to achieve the same goals - to illuminate you and facilitate your healing.

Illumination - Introducing you to new ways to express yourself and release your natural born creativity as well as how to connect your spirit to your business.

Healing - Introducing you to new healing techniques and methods while offering healing sessions, retreats, and classes.

To be honest, some of the messaging overlapped. To sum it all up, I am merging my Candace D. Black and Cloud 9.5 email lists, and blog. Everyone on this list will now be a part of Club Cloud 9.5. The subject matter between two lists have been almost identical and it doesn’t make sense to keep them separate anymore. Some of you love me so much that you are on both lists. Most blog posts will go to the Cloud 9.5 blog and my Medium account.

Club Cloud 9.5 list members will receive more information on creativity, business, marketing and how it is all connected to spirit.

From a technical perspective, I will be merging the email lists and keeping my Candace D. Black people in a a group for when things that need to be said to you specifically can still be expressed to you directly.

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