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If You Know Your Desires, We Can Manifest Them

Most people consult me for two major cluster topics Love (Past/PresentFuture) or Money (Business/Career/Finances). Through it all, Love takes the lead. Here are some general questions:

Is he/she real?
What can I expect from my love life?
Will I ever find love?
What do I need to improve my love life?
Is he/she cheating?
Which one should I choose?
+ Many more…

I can pull cards and answer any of those questions, but at the end of it all I have to ask, “What do you want?” or “How do you want this to turn out?”

10% know, 40% think they know and 50% don’t know. What if you did know? Not just about specific situations that you may seek love guidance on, but what if you knew how you wanted your love life to turn out?

If you know, we can manifest your desires.

I created the Love List Workshop as part of the Cloud 9.5 Ready For Love Retreat Series, and now the workshop is here in Atlanta on Saturday, September 15th at the Remember Your Truth headquarters for a day of clearing, definition, and manifestation.

What should you expect?

Atmosphere — A high vibrational healing environment that is free of judgment.
Food — Snacks and lunch will be provided.
Workshop — Fast paced and interactive with short talks between work sessions.

What should you bring?

A comfortable writing pad and pen. It is important that this work session is done with handwriting instead of digital means. Also, you will need to use this notepad to keep track of what comes your way.

Register and learn more by clicking here.

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