Dark Goddess Mysteries with Justine The Witch Soul Trine

Dark Goddess Mysteries with Justine The Witch

In 2018 I launched my first experiential meditation workshop called Feminine Mysteries Series. It was incredibly powerful, and absolutely life-changing for each of my clients, and myself. I knew I wanted to not only share this magick and healing with a wider audience, but to enhance the experience, so even previous clients can open deeper, and develop an even stronger relationship with themselves, their shadow, and their guides. I knew I needed to, I was called to. This will be the forth consecutive October I have hosted this series online, and the 6th time holding this space, most recently on a retreat in beautiful Eden, Utah. Each time  is even more powerful than the last.

Dark Goddess Mysteries - Justine The Witch

Introducing: Dark Goddess Mysteries

A deep dive, experiential introduction to five Dark Goddesses, designed to open the door to creating and maintaining your own personal relationship with each of these powerful archetypes.


"Being a witch means living in this world consciously, powerfully, and unapologetically."      -Unknown


"When the power comes from within us and we claim it as our own then we no longer have to affirm ourselves by dominating others. The irony is that we are actually afraid of our own power."      - Marion Woodman                                                                                                                                           


"Monsters aren't born, they're made."     - CJ Roberts                                                


"She who walks the floors of Hell finds the key to the gates of her own Heaven, buried there, like a seed."      -Segovia Amil                                                                                                                                                             


“No I won’t smile, but I’ll show you my teeth, and Ima let you speak if you just let me breath. I’ve been polite but won’t be caught dead lettin a man tell me what I should do in my bed.”     - Halsey

WHY is it important to connect with these archetypes at this time? Because our world is changing. There is a mass awakening, mass growth, and growing pains. Our collective consciousness has no choice but to vibe higher. For the first time in hundreds, maybe thousands of years, we are witnessing a shift that one would hope, will swing the pendulum further from toxic femininity/masculinity, and towards DIVINE femininity and masculinity.

I Have Heard the Call…Have you?

I have heard the call of these five goddesses to build the bridge, to open the door for those who are feeling called themselves. You may not know where to start... Start here, start with me, allow me to be your guide. Give me the honor of introducing you to the energies that I know intimately, the energies that laid dormant inside me for far too long, the energies that have been awakened within me. Allow me to initiate you, to anoint you, as I was initiated and anointed.

In this very moment I can feel Hekate energy pulsing through me. She's here with me, handing me her sacred key, and  blazing torch. Her wisdom, and the wisdom of her sisters is ripe, the time is now.

A Message from Hekate

I have been dreaming of shadow work every night, since the night before I began this project. I have been channeling, and was asked to relay this message:

"Make friends with the night creatures, and the underworld dwellers. Make peace and find adoration in the opossum, raccoon, rat, snake, lizard, spider, and cockroach. They are your sisters and brothers, pieces of you. Just as we are made of stardust, we are of the flesh eating bugs, the gators, and the scorpion. It is not enough to acknowledge our shadow, we must find the beauty in it, we must come to love it. We have been trained to be afraid of all things creepy and crawly... All things dark, all things dangerous. It is in the shadow that we find the most raw version of our authentic selves."

While this is mostly a metaphor, I do believe it would be very helpful to truly make peace with these dark creatures. What is it that we find so repulsive? In The Moon Tarot card we see a lobster coming out of the dark waters, this lobster is not a foreign monster, but our deepest darkest part of self, our shadow. We are asked to come to terms with the fact that we are not simply "love and light", we are also "dirt and grime", is that so bad? How will you deal with your your tentacles, your claws, your stinger? Are you ready to face them, to unabashedly stare your most hidden space down. Can you truly see yourself for all that you are? And then... can you love it.

Can you love it? And do you truly love yourself if you keep these parts hidden? Imagine the freedom in loving ALL PARTS of you. The peace. The magick.

This work is massive.


It's not to be taken lightly.

And if you're here, you have been invited.

The Time Is Now

We begin the first week of October and each week you will be sent the modules for the upcoming week via our Discord channel, which you will receive an invitation to . The module is in the form of a stunning e-book, and includes a link to each guided prerecorded meditation. 

Below you will find the link to pricing information and the application. The application is not meant to exclude anyone, it is to ensure that you are aware of what you are signing up for. I have seen someone join a shadow work course without any knowledge of what shadow work is - this is not for the feint of heart. Please feel free to reach out to @justinethewitch on Instagram if you have any questions.

Dark Goddess Mysteries Application


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 Justine The Witch “I am naturally gifted as a confessor, conduit, and alchemizer, so when I connect with clients through Tarot, I am able to witness them as they are and hold space for them. Tarot is the tool to get passed the fluff and surface stuff, straight to the heart and root.”
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So very excited for this! Justine has crafted such an deep divine dive into the soul. Very cathartic and powerful. Highly recommend to anyone looking to alchemize their spiritual journey to another level.


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