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Whatever You Like: Top 4 Networks to Discover the Best Type of Workout for You

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For most people, the gym and most things involving working out can be intimidating. Now more than ever there are countless ways to try out different types of activities without worrying about who's looking or what the hell a contraption in the gym is supposed to do for you.

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Let's start with the channels that you can use to begin your workout search!

  1. YouTube: I mean they don’t call it YouTube University for anything. This a great resource to find free workouts no matter your interest. Check out this list of the "10 best YouTube workout channels" by CNET to get started. BTW, Yoga With Adriene is my favorite.
  2. Instagram: There are tons of fitness influencers that share daily workouts or tips for you to try at home. While influencer is becoming a bad word, there's no harm in getting helpful information. Here's a list from Insider for a list of influencers “Best Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2020” including celebrity trainers. Massy Arias is my favorite Instagram follow because of her creative at workouts.
  3. Fitness Apps: Get guided workouts right on your phone that you can follow along with at home or in the gym (once Rona is gone). Here's a list of great apps to try out no matter your interest from Greatist.com, “Best Health & Fitness Apps”.
  4. Go Outside and Play: Use our good friend Google to find parks or trails where you can walk, run, hike ride a bike, or even roller skate.

With so many resources at your disposal, now is the perfect time for trial & error to find out what you like. If you have a fitness journal, be sure to keep a log of your activities and the impact it has on your body and mood. This will help you create a habit of tracking your progress and begin to maintain schedule, but more on that next time.

Stay focused on staying healthy for 2020.

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